Decisions for issue Council Tax Reduction Review

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Council Tax Reduction Review

21/01/2021 - Council Tax Reduction Review

RESOLVED: That the Committee recommends to Council that:

(i)             The maximum rate of Council Tax Reduction discount be increased from 80% of Band D to 82% of Band D.


(ii)            The minimum award of Council Tax Reduction be reset to 1p per week.


(iii)           Funding of £0.200m be allocated for the Discretionary Council Tax Reduction fund.


(iv)           The requirement for completing a Council Tax Reduction claim form be removed for Universal Credit recipients, in the circumstances described in paragraph 4.9 of the report.


(v)            It is noted that the council’s appointed S151 Chief Financial Officer will, prior to 1 April 2021, exercise delegated powers to increase the appropriate calculative elements of the scheme to give effect to national changes.


(vi)           It is noted that a more fundamental review of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme will be undertaken and consulted on for 2022/23, including the alignment of the scheme with a wider review of the council’s Welfare Support Framework.


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