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Active Travel Fund

22/07/2021 - Active Travel Fund

1)           That the Committee agrees to the preliminary designs for the Western Road scheme (presented in Appendix 5), to the advertisement of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) (including for the proposed changes to loading bays and amendments to the bus lane in the vicinity of the Dyke Road junction), and the commencement of construction on elements of the scheme which do not require a TRO.


2)           That the Committee agrees to the preliminary design for the A23 scheme (presented in Appendix 7), to initiate further discussion with key stakeholders to inform design development, to progress the development of designs, to undertake further public consultation and return to a future ETS Committee with detailed design recommendations on the A23 scheme.


3)           That the Committee calls for an officer report to be presented at the Committee’s next meeting on the Administration’s proposals for a trial Park & Ride site at Mill Road from Summer 2022, working with Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company.


4)           That the Committee requests that an Urgency Sub-Committee be convened before 11 August 2021 to consider the removal of the Phase 1 cycle lanes on Old Shoreham Road 


5)           That the Committee requests officers explore alternative local routes for a temporary scheme, including but not limited to, Portland Road and New Church Road, in consultation with local residents and bring a report back to the committee with potential options.


6)           That the Committee agrees not to proceed with the Phase 2 Old Shoreham Road temporary cycle lane proposals at this stage.


7)           That the Committee agrees not to proceed at this stage with the proposals for Nevill Road, Windlesham Close, Weald Avenue and Stapley Road (access restrictions).


8)           That the Committee agrees to progress the development of improvements to the Phase 1 Seafront A259 temporary westbound cycle lane (from West Street to Fourth Avenue) as an experimental scheme, including to disabled parking, as set out in Appendix 10, and to undertake continued monitoring.


9)           That the Committee that prior to considering the proposals for Phase 2 of the Seafront (A259) temporary westbound cycle lane and proposals to introduce an experimental traffic scheme on King’s Esplanade (and adjoining roads), as set out in Appendix 11, officers are to consult and engage fully with the businesses and residents directly impacted, and bring a report to the next full meeting of the             ETS Committee.


10)        That the Committee agrees to officers progressing with the Active Travel Fund 2021/22 bid to the Department for Transport (DfT), to secure future funding for schemes including consideration of Marine Parade, Old Town, A23 and alternatives to the current temporary scheme on Old Shoreham Road (including options that are not limited to Portland Road and New Church Road), as well as consideration of a ‘Mini-Hollands’ proposal for the City.


11)        That the Committee notes the summary of the Active & Inclusive Travel Forum to date as set out in Appendix 16.


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