Decisions for issue Response and Recovery Update: Food

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Response and Recovery Update: Food

04/11/2021 - Response and Recovery Update: Food

RESOLVED: That the Sub-Committee -


(i)             Noted the work happening around the city to provide residents with food and put on record their thanks to all the volunteers and the staff involved;


(ii)            Agreed that as a city Brighton and Hove should continue to take a vouchers/cash first approach supported by food/essential items provision;


(iii)           Noted the ongoing needs of the Emergency Food Sector in para’s 3.17 – 3.50 which currently costs over £0.931m per annum and the unfunded budget of support needs in financial year 2022/23 as laid out in the table 3.51 of £0.302m;


(iv)           Considered Emergency Food needs in future budget setting decisions to prioritise and redirect funding to the ‘Food Cell’ approach. This will develop the mechanism to underpin recovery, renewal and will lead to long-term resilience;


(v)            Agreed the following commitments:


1.     That the annual cost of £3,400 for parking dispensations and staff time to administer the scheme be incorporated in the 2022/23 General Fund Revenue Budget including through the use of one-off resources if necessary.


2.     That the underwriting of a 3-year lease and associated staff to coordinate premises to provide storage and processing space for emergency food (as described in paragraph 3.21 – 3.23) at an annual cost of £65,142 be incorporated in the 2022/23 General Fund Revenue Budget including through the use of one-off resources if necessary.


3.     That options for addressing the remaining funding shortfalls in 2022/23, laid out in the table 3.51, of £233,399 are kept under review as the strategy developments and, if necessary, consideration is given to making allocations to address the shortfall if one-off resources or grant funding become available in 2022/23.


4.     That options for addressing the potential £24,582 funding shortfall for the purchase of food for this Winter 2021/22 are kept under review and allocations from existing resources and/or grants made subject to availability.


(vi)           Requested to instruct Officers to amplify and support a food & essential items donations campaign through the communications team at the council, to bring public attention to this issue, which, if feasible, should include instating donation points at Brighton & Hove City Council public buildings;


(vii)           Instructed officers to commission an exploratory piece of work to look at strengthening organisations supporting Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee & Asylum Seekers to provide food access, by working together and providing staff capacity and reporting back to the appropriate committee;


(viii)        Instructed officers to undertake further work to explore the need for financial help with meals, including reviewing the provision and cost of community meals, potentially as part of direct payment arrangements, and report back to the Adult Social Care Sub Committee after consultation with groups who represent disabled people.


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