, 12 January 2023 - 26 January 2023

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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
Parking Annual Report 2021-22 ref: 683617/01/202317/01/2023
Transport for the South East’s Strategic Investment Plan ref: 684017/01/202317/01/2023
Playground Refurbishment Programme Update ref: 684217/01/202317/01/2023
Strategic Risk progress update ref: 683917/01/202317/01/2023
Public toilets ref: 684317/01/202317/01/2023
Elm Grove parking proposals ref: 683717/01/202317/01/2023
Highway Asset Management Policy and Strategy ref: 684117/01/202317/01/2023
Electric vehicle charge point update ref: 683517/01/202317/01/2023
Safer, Better Streets - Infrastructure Priority Framework ref: 683417/01/202317/01/2023
Parking Scheme Update Report ref: 683817/01/202317/01/2023
Full Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2023 ref: 684819/01/202319/01/2023
Committee Calendar ref: 685319/01/202319/01/2023
General Fund Budget and Resources Update 2023/24 ref: 684419/01/202319/01/2023
The UK Shared Prosperity Fund ref: 685219/01/202319/01/2023
Local Land Charges Fees & Charges ref: 684919/01/202319/01/2023
Provision, installation and maintenance of CCTV Traffic Enforcement Cameras and associated enforcement support system ref: 685019/01/202319/01/2023
Kingsway to the Sea ref: 684719/01/202319/01/2023
Life Events and Charges Review for Registration Services ref: 685119/01/202319/01/2023
Permission to Establish an Urgency Sub-Committee to Oversee Disposal of 31 Palmeira Avenue, Hove Also Known as Penny Gobby House ref: 684619/01/202319/01/2023
Council Tax Base and Business Rates Retention forecasts 2023/24 ref: 684519/01/202319/01/2023
Private Sector Housing Update ref: 683218/01/202318/01/2023
Operational Review of Allocations Plan & Request to review the Allocations Policy. ref: 682918/01/202318/01/2023
Anti-Social Behaviour Policy ref: 683118/01/202318/01/2023
Housing Revenue Account Budget & Capital Investment Programme 2023/24 and Medium-Term Financial Strategy ref: 683318/01/202318/01/2023
Housing Committee Workplan Progress Update and Housing Performance Report Quarter 2 2022/23 ref: 683018/01/202318/01/2023
School Admission Arrangements 2024-25 ref: 681709/01/202309/01/2023
Home to School Transport Service Progress Report - Jan 2023 ref: 681509/01/202309/01/2023
Families, Children and Learning Fees and Charges 2023/24 ref: 681909/01/202309/01/2023
Supported Accommodation for Young People Placements ref: 681809/01/202309/01/2023
Elective Home Education in Brighton and Hove ref: 681609/01/202309/01/2023
Anti Racism Pledge Update ref: 681212/01/202312/01/2023
ABCD Cultural Recovery Plan Update ref: 680712/01/202312/01/2023
Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan - Supplementary Regulation 16 consultation ref: 681012/01/202312/01/2023
Fees and Charges 2023-24 ref: 680612/01/202312/01/2023
Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust Annual Report ref: 680312/01/202312/01/2023
RWC25 - Women's Rugby World Cup 2025 Host City Bid ref: 681112/01/202312/01/2023
BHCC - Venue Hire Policy ref: 680812/01/202312/01/2023
Procedural Business ref: 677812/01/202312/01/2023
Field Officer Service Review ref: 680412/01/202312/01/2023
Community Wealth Building Programme: Action Plan ref: 680512/01/202312/01/2023
Article 4 Direction - Changes of Use from Class E (commercial, business and service uses) to Class C3 (dwellinghouses). ref: 680912/01/202312/01/2023


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