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Clean up Kemp Town!

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to focus on the enormous amount of street litter, human faeces on stairs and beach, overflowing bins, unsatisfactory street cleaning, dog fouling and graffiti throughout Kemp Town. We also need to improve recycling access and sorting to all households.

We need to urgently improve the cleaning of Kemp Town. We need to make the streets clean and safe so that families can fully enjoy Kemp Town and all it has to offer. The streets in our part of Brighton are significantly dirtier and Kemp Town has more “no go” areas than other parts of Brighton and Hove. We are behind with access to proper and efficient household recycling.

This ePetition ran from 26/04/2019 to 24/06/2019 and has now finished.

605 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

"Cityclean recognise that the cleansing in the Kemp Town area has fallen below standard and we are taking action to address this. This includes recruiting 11 additional street cleansing staff. Some of these staff will be focussing on a programme of deep cleansing problem sites in the Kemptown area and increasing the frequency of regular street cleansing in this area. We will be closely monitoring the area to ensure that there is a lasting improvement.

Across central locations in the city we have had problems with increased urination and defecation and there will be a report at committee this evening for members to consider whether our Environmental Enforcement Officers can issue fix penalty notices for spitting, urination and defecation in public places. Our hope is that this will help to deter these behaviours.

There are also problems across the city with increased graffiti tagging. The council approved a Graffiti Reduction Strategy last autumn and put additional funds in the budget for equipment to assist with graffiti removal. Some of the staff we are recruiting will be focussed on graffiti removal and once they are in post our aim is that residents will start to see an improvement in relation to graffiti removal and reduction. It is essential that we work with businesses, private property owners and other partners to try to reduce graffiti in the city. There is a report on this evening’s agenda with the Graffiti Reduction Action plan which sets out in more detail how we aim to do this.

We do, need to improve the opportunities for residents to recycle more of the materials that we know can be recycled and this required better containment for recycling in some places, increased collections, and better education to reduce the levels of contamination.

This is included in our action plan and in the coming months residents will start to see improvements but to implement these changes across the city will take time and resources so please bear with us as we move forward with this".


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