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i360 sundial

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to help create the biggest sundial in the world by permitting the marking of the pavements around the i360 with time and date lines so that the time and date may be told by where the shadow of the i360 tower falls on them.

1 The i360 tower is parallel sided and not overshadowed, so is a perfect gnomon for a sundial.
2 We wish to create an educational attraction that demonstrate how our ancient ancestors developed the measurement of time and date by creating dial plates of time and date lines around a vertical post used as a gnomon enabling the time and date to be told by where its shadow falls.
3 This requires the marking of the pavements of Kingsway, Regency Square, Preston St, Hampton Place and Waitrose car park, for which this petition seeks permission.
4 This project would replicate Augustus’ sundial in Rome which still tells the date outside the Italian Houses of Parliament which was built in 10BC to demonstrate the superiority of the Julian calendar over previous calendars,
5 A paper titled ‘i360 sundial project’ dated 7.6.19 give further details of how this project might be managed, and is published as 9.142 of http://www.reginaldkapp. org.
6 A 1 to 100 scale model of what is proposed is is available for public viewing at 22, Saxon Rd Hove, BN3 4LE, near the lagoon at any time without appointment,

This ePetition ran from 15/05/2020 to 22/06/2020 and has now finished.

61 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

The council receives an annual 1% ticket revenue contribution under the terms of the Section 106 Agreement with the i360. Those receipts are for environmental improvements in the locality of the i360 including Regency Square. From those receipts the council is obliged firstly to provide ecological interpretation and display boards in the immediate seafront locality of the i360.

The council has also confirmed with the Regency Square Area Society (RSAS) that subject to their formulating a project brief with options for proposed improvements to the Regency Square and around they could benefit from a future proportion of the receipts and that all art proposals for that area should form part of any submission. I recommend that you submit your proposals to the Regency Square Area Society for their future projects brief for that area.


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