ePetition - Keep the permanent closure by Brunswick school, on Somerhill road

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Keep the permanent closure by Brunswick school, on Somerhill road

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to keep Somerhill Road closed to motorised traffic at all times at the South end junction to Lansdowne Road (so retaining the arrangement in place on 22.10.21 under the street closure scheme). Ref: TRO-18-2020 Brunswick Primary / Somerhill Road Closure

We believe the closure has very positively transformed Somerhill Road to a much quieter,
safer and cleaner street. The closure has slowed vehicles down and reduced the rat run traffic of
people using the street to avoid traffic lights in Holland Road. In particular, the improvement for
safer crossing at the Lansdowne road junction (previously a difficult one with low visibility) has
been massive. That closure benefits not only the residents and the Brunswick Primary
community but also the many people on foot, cycles, mobility aids and vehicles using it. A lot of
these people go along or cross Somerhill Road to reach St Ann’s Well Gardens and the many
schools and nurseries in the area at different times during the day, from the very early morning to
the evening, making a permanent closure a useful tool to make the street more pleasant and safer.

Most importantly, the closure has immensely helped the Brunswick Primary School Street
Scheme, making it more effective, safer and sustainable in the longer term as it is exclusively run by volunteers. We believe a permanent calmed traffic next to the largest primary school in the county is certainly justified.

We understand that some of the initial issues for rubbish collection highlighted by Cityclean
were then resolved. We also understand the concerns expressed by Wavertree House about
the number of vehicles entering the street and then u-turning at its closed end. However, we
believe better signage and infrastructure should drastically reduce the issue, and we hope we
can work together again with Wavertree House to minimise issues.

Finally, we believe the previous consultation was too short and not publicised enough (there
were only few opinions expressed there (with five comments of support and four objections).
Therefore, we ask the Council to further consult the residents as well as school and street users
in due time in the case of altering the scheme in place in order to find a better alternative to

This ePetition ran from 24/10/2021 to 06/04/2022 and has now finished.

431 people signed this ePetition.


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