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Traffic Gridlock Hove Park

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to review the road network in Hove Park Ward, and bring forward proposals to reduce congestion.

In the next few years traffic in Hove Park Ward will increase dramatically due to major developments in the area. It has been estimated that many roads will see an increase of between 30% to 60%

Roads in the ward are already heavily congested causing huge problems for Brighton and Hove residents and visitors.

One of the main access/ entrance routes into and out of Hove is Snakey Hill ( King George V1 Avenue ) This road is already severely congested resulting in vehicles being forced to gain access to the bypass on adjacent minor roads that were never designed for the number of vehicles currently using them. The increase in traffic over the next few years will make this problem much worse

This ePetition ran from 10/12/2021 to 06/04/2022 and has now finished.

343 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Thank you for your petition. Our city is an attractive place to live and work and that generates a lot of regular, local, and longer distance commuter and visitor trips on a daily basis. The congestion that can occur as a result of this in some areas or on strategic routes can be caused by many factors, but it is primarily a problem that is caused by too many vehicles using the city’s limited roadspace. And in some cases, certain roads are not suitable for the levels or type of traffic using them.

The proximity of Hove Park ward to the bypass means there is a combination of local and longer distance journeys using certain routes. Tackling the congestion that arises from these journeys can be done in a number of ways but the main one is to reduce people’s overall need to travel and encourage and enable people to switch to other forms of transport for certain journeys. This will create space for essential vehicle trips and reduce delays, which in turn will help create cleaner, healthier, and attractive neighbourhoods.

You have mentioned development and main roads. We know that this can cause concerns, but we need to ensure that the city can grow sustainably. The recent planning application for the allocated Toad’s Hole Valley site in the City Plan was thoroughly discussed and considered before it was agreed by the Planning Committee last month. The development will provide homes for local people which we desperately need, as well as providing local employment and other community uses.

The associated sustainable transport and highway strategy for the site had been comprehensively assessed and included independent checks on traffic modelling for a number of routes, and the safety of proposed junction designs. The overall package will mitigate identified impacts, with active travel improvements for people walking and cycling (including BikeShare provision), funding for a new/enhanced bus service, new junctions, access to car club vehicles, and a Travel Plan which will increase the use of sustainable transport for local journeys.

We also have a report today about a Low Traffic Neighbourhood for the Hanover & Tarner area that is being developed with residents and stakeholders in response to an initial request from within the local community to create a more liveable neighbourhood. If you think this is something that may help to address local issues then it would be helpful to hear from you, as this is something that could be considered as part of a new process that is being developed to assess requests for such measures. The assessment framework itself will be reported to this committee later in the year


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