ePetition - Prohibit pavement parking in Crescent Place Kemp Town

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Prohibit pavement parking in Crescent Place Kemp Town

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to place “No Pavement Parking” signs on the lamp posts of Crescent Place or/and place obstructions at intervals along the pavement of Crescent Place.

Crescent Place is a narrow one-way street with double yellow lines. Most of the properties on Crescent Place have windows set into the pavement, letting light into basement kitchens. Short term parking in the road is necessary to drop off shopping etc, causing a temporary obstruction to any through traffic, and neighbours alert one another if any prolonged blockage is anticipated due to building works etc. Unfortunately, visitors to the street regularly pull up onto the actual pavement to park, causing damage to the paving stones and windows, creating leaks to the properties underneath and preventing pedestrians, wheelchair users and others from using the pavement. Pavement parking is both damaging and antisocial, and does nothing to alleviate any short term traffic disruption as vehicles are still unable to pass by. We call for the erection of signs to indicate that pavement parking is prohibited, or the installation of obstacles along the pavement edge at intervals to prevent any such parking from taking place.

This ePetition runs from 16/02/2022 to 20/06/2022.

22 people have signed this ePetition.


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