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Stanford Avenue/Preston Road Traffic and Noise Calming

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to introduce traffic calming measures to reduce the level of noise and the speed of traffic in lower Stanford Avenue and Preston Road running north of the Viaduct which are both currently outside the city centre 20 mph limit. Therefore, we propose that the Brighton and Hove City Council should consider the following actions; 1. To move the 20 mph signs from the current location in Beaconsfield Road to the entrance of Stanford Avenue just before the pedestrian crossings in Preston Road (A23). (A map will be available for the Committee meeting) 2. To move the 30 mph signs in Preston Road located at the Viaduct to the same location beyond the pedestrian crossing in Preston Road in alignment with motion 1 above. 3. Install “Reduce your speed” signs in Stanford Avenue and Preston Road”. 4. Support requests to our Brighton MP that lower Stanford Avenue and Preston Road be considered for the Government’s pilot noise camera

The lower half of Stanford Avenue has a nursing home, a refuge centre for mothers and children and several houses divided as apartments as well as the Preston Mansions apartment block with 50 apartments included. Preston Roadnorth of the Viaduct is lined with houses and two apartment blocks near the Viaduct and a new apartment development for 229 homes with space for shopping is currently being constructed opposite Preston Park and close to the pedestrian crossing area noted. This is therefore a densely populated area and residents in the above areas are being subjected to increasing levels of traffic noise often caused by cars and motorcycles with “illegal” exhausts or driving on these streets at excessive and illegal speed levels. Noise pollution is well known to be a cause of stress and damage to health as is recognised by the recent pilot scheme proposal for noise cameras by the Government.

This ePetition ran from 23/05/2022 to 19/09/2022 and has now finished.

112 people signed this ePetition.


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