ePetition - Reinforcing Controlled Parking on Dean Street

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Reinforcing Controlled Parking on Dean Street

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to erect bollards on the east side to prevent kerb-parking on double-yellow line (particularly at Western Road end). Enhance signposting for Residents' Parking. Prevent motorcycles parking on pavement on the corner outside McDonald's to avoid them blocking road users' view from Dean Street to Western Road (west).

Since the explosion of rapid food delivery services in Brighton over the past couple of years, Dean Street, which was once a relatively quiet Victorian inner city haven, has become a dangerous and unpleasant place for its residents to live.

Inadequately regulated drivers are continually parking their vehicles on the pavements, on double-yellow lines and outside residents’ houses. Also there is a continual flow of delivery driver motorbikes down the street, often exceeding the speed limit and some riding on the pavement as well as the wrong way up our one-way street.

It is a constant problem with vehicles parking on the pavement and blocking the way of pedestrians, mobility scooters and pushchairs. It can even prevent residents getting in and out of their homes as the cars park up against the houses - outside numbers 2-9 in particular on the east side of Dean Street.

Increased traffic warden visits have had little or no effect. In addition, vehicles constantly park at the bottom of the street outside MacDonalds causing blind spots for drivers turning onto Western Road which causes a serious traffic hazard. Temporary cones to prevent people parking outside numbers 2-9 have helped the illegal parking problem but they can be moved and are unsightly, so a more permanent solution is needed.

Dean Street residents presented a residents' consensus to the council in August 2021 showing that a majority demanded immediate action. Our survey showed that we want infrastructure changes to be made by the council as enforcement alone is not sufficient in remedying this escalating problem. Permanent bollards came out top in the residents' survey as a possible answer to a lot of the problems.

We are asking that the council put in place an effective solution as soon as possible. This could be either erecting bollards on the east side of Dean Street taking in the problem area, together with signposting indicating that the street is for residents only, or perhaps to completely close the bottom of the road to prevent it from being used as a rat run and car park for these food delivery drivers.

We are asking the council to look into what would be the best solution to this ongoing problem which is affecting the health and welfare of the residents of Dean Street.

This ePetition ran from 20/06/2022 to 19/09/2022 and has now finished.

13 people signed this ePetition.


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