ePetition - Controlled parking for Woodland Way and the top of Peackock Lane

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Controlled parking for Woodland Way and the top of Peackock Lane

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to extend the Surrenden light touch scheme to include Woodland Way and the top of Peacock Lane or implement a new controlled parking scheme in this area. Introducing a light touch scheme will return the quality-of-family-life to local residents and restore parking spaces for Brighton and Hove residents visiting Withdean Park. The park is used daily by city residents to walk and train their dogs or visit the largest national collection of lilacs. Its use bring additional traffic to this residential area as it is the only recognised parking location for park users.

The Brighton & Hove City Council official website directs visitors to Woodland Way as the “free parking location” for visitors to Withdean Park, where now there is often no parking spaces for park users or residents alike.

Woodland Way and the top of Peacock Lane is now beset with non-resident vehicles left for extended periods of time and compounded by the vehicles of Vardean college visitors. The parking adjacent to the college has been included in the Surrenden area resident parking scheme, even though there are no residential properties in the locality.

The significant increase in long-term non-resident parking, college visitors and the continued flow of visitors to the park is causing significant congestion and impacting access for emergency vehicles.

To rectify this issue for local residents and park users, it is proposed that the Surrenden light touch scheme is either extended to include Woodland Way and the top of Peacock Lane or a new scheme implemented. This will restore parking for residents and access for visitors to the park.

Note: The proposed area for the additional parking controls consists of all of Woodland Way and the section of Peakcock Lane which forms the remainder of the horseshoe shaped road at the top of Withdean Park.

This ePetition ran from 18/08/2022 to 14/11/2022 and has now finished.

95 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Thank you for your petition. In order to consider reconsulting these two roads for a residents parking scheme, strong support needs to be shown by residents not only in these roads but the wider area. This would be considered when our next parking scheme priority timetable is agreed at the Environment Transport & Sustainability Committee. Our current timetable goes up to 2025.

As parking schemes for individual roads are not considered as viable solutions, we would advise that residents submit an area wide petition. This is how we gauge the strength of feeling for a scheme and which areas would like to be included

We have asked colleagues in the City Parks team to review the website reference to parking in Woodland Way.


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