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Stanmer Street access trial

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to temporarily close Stanmer Street at the junction with Stanmer Villas (BN17HN). Access to the garages on Stanmer Street would still be available via Stanmer Park Road We firmly believe that this action would improve safety for both vehicles and pedestrians which is paramount for such a space designed for enjoyment of our community.

Stammer Street Community Garden is a space that runs parallel to Stanmer Street which is used (by license with the council) for a number of different purposes. The garden has been developed by local residents over the last few years who have established a number of things such as: a permaculture garden (including some harvestable fruits, vegetables and herbs); a large compost scheme; fruit trees, and seating areas. The garden is largely managed by Stanmer Street Community Garden Committee who have received funding from various sources to develop this plot of land for community use, and, as such, the space is now used by elderly and disabled people, dog walkers, families, local community groups, walkers and cyclists, as well as the those joining in with specific Community Garden activities.
There has always been an issue of safety regarding the use of Stanmer Street. As a single car width road, which is currently two-way, if two vehicles approach at the same time from the different ends, especially if it is wet, icy or snowy, since there is a slight hill, it is difficult for one to reverse. Even in good weather, at the bottom of Stanmer Street at its junction with Stanmer Villas, there is poor road visibility and there have been regular car accidents at that spot. Moreover, now that the Community Garden is being used more often, with the pavement being incredibly narrow, there are increasing problems with accessibility, especially for those using buggies or wheelchairs.
Our current proposal would allow access from one end but prevent two-way access. It would also lessen traffic around the garden. The proposed temporary closure would be easy to implement as it would simply require a temporary barrier at the junction with Stanmer Villas and a sign at the top saying ‘access only’. Finally, it would require the extension of the double yellow lines across the turning circle that is currently being used inappropriately for parking.
We propose keeping the temporary barriers in place for at least a year which will provide the opportunity to evaluate the effects, ideally leading to the implementation of a permanent closure of the road. If the latter were achieved, this would also open up parking at the junction with Stanmer Villas and, in the longer term we aim to consider and maybe create opportunities for other innovative and ecologically positive uses of the new space, such as EV car charging points.

This ePetition ran from 18/04/2023 to 18/10/2023 and has now finished.

25 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Will be presented to the Transport & Sustainability Committee


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