ePetition - Resident Parking Permits for Kestrel Close

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Resident Parking Permits for Kestrel Close

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to Implement parking restrictions in Kestrel Close, BN3 6NS. The parking situation in Kestrel Close is an absolute nightmare with residents frequently unable to park in their own road, having to pay to park, as a consequence of the rising popularity of colleges in our area. As a close we are fed up of the anti-social behaviour and total disregard for residents in our close by students from neighbouring colleges (Cardinal Newman Catholic College). Although the college has been spoken to on numerous occasions unfortunately our problems persist and are only getting worse.

Students have been rude to residents, they hare around the close at ridiculous speeds and double park from 07:30 in the morning with their engines running waiting for residents to leave as well as constant littering. We have witnessed students smoking cannabis in our road and this is especially a problem as we have a number of households within the close with young children. Residents cars have been crashed into and damaged by careless driving from students (with no details being left)
and residents have been blocked in their garages and driveways multiple times since the beginning of this academic year leaving us unable to get to work affecting our livelihoods. Not only do we have parking issues due to students in the area we also experience a number of individuals parking their cars here and leaving them for weeks on end as there are no restrictions currently. As residents, this issue is deeply affecting us as it has become stressful living in our road. We would like the council to implement parking restrictions so that we feel safer in our close and are able to park in the near vicinity of where we live.

This ePetition runs from 04/04/2024 to 04/10/2024.

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