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Brighton Red Route (London Road & Lewes Road)

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to Removal of the Red Route on London Road and Lewes Road.

To: Brighton and Hove City Council

We, the undersigned, call upon Brighton and Hove City Council to reconsider and revoke the implementation of the new Red Route on London Road and Lewes Road. This measure has had a detrimental impact on both businesses and customers in the area, and immediate action is required to address the concerns of the local community.

Impact on Businesses:

1. Loading and Unloading Difficulties: Shop owners are facing significant challenges with the lack of sufficient loading bays. The few loading bays available are situated far from the shops, making it extremely difficult for business owners to load and unload goods efficiently. This has led to increased operational costs and delays, adversely affecting the smooth functioning of businesses.

2. Customer Inconvenience: The new Red Route has reduced the availability of convenient parking spaces for customers, leading to a decline in foot traffic. Customers are deterred by the lack of accessible parking and the increased difficulty in making quick stops for purchases. This has resulted in a noticeable decrease in sales and revenue for local businesses.

3. Economic Impact: The restrictions imposed by the Red Route are stifling local trade. Small and independent businesses, which form the backbone of our community, are particularly vulnerable. The economic vitality of London Road and Lewes Road is at risk if these businesses continue to suffer.

Impact on the Community:

1. Accessibility Issues: The Red Route has made it challenging for people with disabilities, elderly residents, and families with young children to access the shops and services they rely on. The limited and inconvenient parking options disproportionately affect these groups, leading to reduced inclusivity in the community.

2. Traffic Congestion: Contrary to its intended purpose, the Red Route has not alleviated traffic congestion. Instead, it has created bottlenecks and increased traffic on surrounding roads as drivers seek alternative routes. This has led to longer travel times and heightened frustration among commuters and residents alike.

Our Requests:

1. Immediate Removal of the Red Route: We urge Brighton and Hove City Council to remove the Red Route from London Road and Lewes Road as it has proven to be detrimental to the local businesses and the community.

2. Conduct a Thorough Review: Should the council seek alternative measures, conduct a thorough review of any future traffic management plans to ensure they do not adversely affect local businesses and residents.

3. Increase Loading Bays: Provide more loading bays and ensure they are conveniently located near shops to facilitate efficient loading and unloading of goods.

4. Improve Parking Solutions: Provide adequate short-term parking solutions to support customer access to local businesses.
5. Engage in Consultation: Engage in meaningful consultation with business owners, customers, and residents to develop a more balanced and effective approach to traffic management.

We believe that by addressing these issues, Brighton and Hove City Council can foster a thriving business environment and a more accessible, inclusive community. We urge the council to act swiftly to remove the Red Route and support the economic health and well-being of our local area.

This ePetition runs from 08/06/2024 to 01/09/2024.

31 people have signed this ePetition.


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