ePetition - Against the i360 on the Seafront!

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Against the i360 on the Seafront!

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to Scrap the current plans the construct the i360 tower on the seafront.

Scrap the current plans the construct the i360, as it will ruin Brighton's historic georgian seafront. As of June 2009 another £20m pounds were needed to complete the project and we do not feel that the attraction is worth this amount of trouble or money. It may provide a nice view from above, but from street and beach level, this attraction will not do one of Britain's most iconic seafronts any favours and it's the locals that will have to live with it. The Locals will not pay the £7 fee to "ride" more than once or twice. The falling numbers of tourists visiting the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth (which as a city, is far more similar to Brighton than London (and it's eye) is) adds proof of the short-lived public interest in such attractions.

We've already lost the west pier, please don't make another big mistake!

This ePetition ran from 06/04/2010 to 04/06/2010 and has now finished.

15 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

The following response was given by the Chairman at the Cabinet meeting on 17 June 2010:

"The Planning Applications Sub-Committee agreed to grant planning permission for the i360 in October 2006 taking into account many of the issues referred to in the e-petition. It is important to note that there were 74 objections to the planning application compared with the 15 signatories to the e-petition.

The council continues to support the i360, not only because it is an exciting and modern proposal that would bring significant benefits to the immediate area, but because of the wider employment and tourism benefits to the city. The i360 is to be constructed predominantly on land owned by the West Pier Trust who are wholly supportive of the project, not least because it will reproduce the spirit of the West Pier in a 21st century form.

Since planning permission was granted it has been difficult to obtain funding for developments because of the credit crunch, but the i360 Company are making every effort to secure the remaining funding and the council will do all it can to support them, short of providing direct funding for construction."


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