Election results by Wards,2 May 2019

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Local Elections - Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

Election summary for Wards
Wards Elected candidates Elected party or parties
Brunswick & Adelaide Hannah Clare Green Party
Phelim Mac Cafferty Green Party
Central Hove Clare Moonan Labour Party
Gary Wilkinson Labour Party
East Brighton Nichole Brennan Labour Party
Nancy Platts Labour Party
Gill Williams Labour Party
Goldsmid John Allcock Labour Party
Marianna Ebel Green Party
Jackie O'Quinn Labour Party
Hangleton & Knoll Dawn Barnett Conservative Party
Tony Janio Conservative Party
Nick Lewry Conservative Party
Hanover & Elm Grove David Gibson Green Party
Elaine Hills Green Party
Steph Powell Green Party
Hollingdean & Stanmer Theresa Fowler Labour Party
Martin Osborne Green Party
Hove Park Samer Bagaeen Conservative Party
Vanessa Brown Conservative Party
Moulsecoomb & Bevendean Amanada Grimshaw Labour Party
Kate Knight Labour Party
Daniel Yates Labour Party
North Portslade Peter Atkinson Labour Party
Anne Pissaridou Labour Party
Patcham Alistair Mcnair Conservative Party
Carol Theobald Conservative Party
Lee Wares Conservative Party
Preston Park Amy Heley Green Party
Siriol Hugh-Jones Green Party
Leo Littman Green Party
Queen's Park Nicholas Childs Labour Party
Amanda Evans Labour Party
Clare Rainey Green Party
Regency Tom Druitt Green Party
Alex Phillips Green Party
Rottingdean Coastal Bridget Fishleigh Independent- not belonging to any political group
Mary Mears Conservative Party
Joe Miller Conservative Party
South Portslade Les Hamilton Labour Party
Alan Robins Labour Party
St Peter's & North Laine Lizzie Deane Green Party
Sue Shanks Green Party
Pete West Green Party
Westbourne Carmen Appich Labour Party
Chris Henry Labour Party
Wish Robert Nemeth Conservative Party
Garry Peltzer Dunn Conservative Party
Withdean Steve Davis Green Party
Jamie Lloyd Green Party
Sarah Nield Green Party
Woodingdean Steve Bell Conservative Party
Dee Simson Conservative Party


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