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The mayor is the first citizen of Brighton & Hove and undertakes an important ceremonial role in and outside the city. However, this role is different from some mayors and lord mayors such as the elected Mayor of London. The mayor of Brighton & Hove is not directly elected by the people and therefore holds no direct power.


The Mayor of Brighton & Hove undertakes many different duties:

  • chairing meetings of the Full Council making sure they are conducted properly and fairly
  • supporting the main aims of the council as it goes about its daily business
  • representing the council at public, civic and ceremonial events in and outside the city and welcoming important visitors and dignitaries
  • working actively with a wide range of local organisations and promoting the city of Brighton & Hove at home and abroad


The Mayor attends on average 600 engagements throughout the year. These include:

  • religious events of all denominations
  • supporting local charities and community groups
  • welcoming new businesses to the city
  • visiting schools, day centres, hospitals and care homes
  • opening fairs and fetes
  • speaking at dinners and receptions
  • greeting local, national and international guests


The mayor is politically neutral in carrying out all of their mayoral duties.

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