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Councillor Gill Williams

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Party: Labour Party

Ward: East Brighton

Other councillors representing this Ward:

Surgery details

First Sunday of the month 11am to 12pm at Bristol Estate Community Room, Donald Hall Road, Brighton, BN2 5DE

Second Wednesday of the month 12pm to 1pm at Whitehawk Foodbank, St Cuthman’s Church, Whitehawk Way, Whitehawk, Brighton, BN2 5HE

Fourth Friday of the month 1pm to 2pm at Craven Vale Foodbank, The Vale Community Centre, 17a Hadlow Close, Brighton BN2 0FH

Other days and times by appointment and at a local venue convenient to you

Contact information

Correspondence address: 
Hove Town Hall

Bus. phone:  07704314864


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Committee appointments

Term of Office

  • 07/05/2019 -

Appointments to outside bodies



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